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The world renowned, awe inspiring, heart stopping, feet pounding, Righetti Warrior Marching Band!

Why We Are the Way We Are

Why We Are the Way We Are
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Welcome to the Righetti Warrior Marching Band Web Site!

About Us:

The Righetti Marching Band is made up of about eighty or so individuals who are dedicated to becoming the best marchers they can be. We practice marching and performing every day, and on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.

The Righetti Band's Fearless Leader is Mrs. Dirlam, who has done a fine job of stepping up and becoming an exemplary band director. The band has one Lead Drum Major and one Assistant Drum Major. Matthew Brim is the Lead Drum Major, and his lovely Assistant is Becky Allard. Together they will lead the band to many a great performance.

The Band President is the talented Christina who plays tenors on the Thunder Drumline.. The drumline captain is the lovely T.J. Breshears who is leading the drumline to many a fine performance. .

Our Goals

Our Goals For the 2007 Marching Season Are:
-Complete the iPod on Shuffle field show
-Practice your instrument every day
-Show up to rehearsal every day with a good attitude
-Be prepared to learn and work hard

Righetti Warriors March to the Beat of a Different Drummer. In fact, you can hear him a mile away...