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The world renowned, awe inspiring, heart stopping, feet pounding, Righetti Warrior Marching Band!



The Righetti Warrior Marching Band is made up some of the finest musicians in Righetti. We prepare an annual field show, and perform at football games, and marching competitions statewide.


Why We Are the Way We Are
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This season, the Righetti Warrior Marching band is performing their world renowned iPod Shuffle field show. Hailed by critics as one of the countries' premier marching bands, these extremely talented individuals compete and perfrom across the state, treated as heroes wherever they go. Righetti Band is predicted to win sweepstakes at their up and coming performance in Bakersfield. GOOD LUCK RIGHETTI!


Without the Band, it's Just a Game.


Righetti Marching Band
Righetti High School
941 E. Foster Road
(805) 937-2051 ext. 2331

Righetti Drum Major

Righetti Warrior Marching Band is treble on the horizon

Righetti Warriors March to the Beat of a Different Drummer. In fact, you can hear him a mile away...